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We specialize in props for film and television, in particular hand props, period props, and replica weaponry.

Jimmy Chow Bio PictureAvatar Prop and Design Inc., was founded by Jimmy Chow in 1973.


Property Master, Jimmy Chow has a legacy of over 40 years of feature film experience, consisting of blockbuster movies, historical period films, and science fiction fantasy and art house films. Credits include: the BFG, Warcraft, X-Men 2, Fantastic 4, Watchman, Tron Legacy, Man of Steel-Superman, Legends of the Fall, Little Women, Seven Years in Tibet, Snow Falling on Cedars, Shanghai Noon, The Shipping News, among others.

He began his career on local television at CBC and gained valuable experience through numerous TV commercials and TV series. Jimmy has also worked as a Set Decorator and Art Director. It has given him a deeper global understanding of the Art department and Production and ultimately has strengthened his skills, as a Property Master.


He has worked in California, Alaska, Newfoundland, Argentina, England, France, Italy, Jamaica, Tahiti, and Macao, China. Jimmy Chow currently resides in Vancouver Canada.


Jimmy has stimulated the local Film Community, by guest lecturing at
Capilano University Film Program, for the past 20 years. He is dedicated to excellence and is very passionate about his work. As a result, he has built strong teams who carry on his spirit.