Movie Props

“Please note our online gallery gives you a brief over view of the wide range and quality of the props we carry. Some pictures only show a sample of our inventory. Please email or call us if you are looking for something in particular and we can help assist you.

You can search props by category listing or type into the search box.

Please note our props are for use in film and television productions.


We carry an assortment of badges in all shapes and periods.
Police, Detective, NYPD, County, Secret Service, sheriff, Customs, Medical, White House, and more.


We carry Male, Female, Child, and baby dummies for film and television.


We have a vast collection of eyeglasses and sunglasses, ranging from 1900’s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s & modern day. We carry specialty glasses, plastic, metal, wire frame, monocles and pince nez.

jewelry & watches

We carry a broad array of period and modern jewelry. From period pocket watches and chains, period rings, engagement rings, male bands, luxury watches, WW2 watches, rosary’s, pearls, costume jewelry, and children’s jewelry.

license plates

We have a large collection of license plates. We carry period and modern plates for the United States, Canada, international countries and fictional plates. Our license plates are for cars, motorcycle, trucks, taxi, army, and specialty. We have a large variety of inventory per state or country.

luggage & suitcases

We have a large collection of period and modern suitcases and luggage.


We have a large selection of medical props ranging from tools, period tools, period doctor bags, stethoscopes, tubes, syringes, medical bandages, modern and period bill container and much more.


We have a large collection of various types and styles of police badges, walkie talkie’s, wallet badge holders, belt badge holders, neck badge holders, fake stun guns, radar gun, flash lights, batons, night sticks, black basket weave belts, plain black police belts and much more.


We carry rubber firearms and replica firearms strictly or use in film and television productions only, please inquire for further information.

rubber props

We carry many rubber props such as foods, animals, rubber weapons, and more.


We have a large variety of historical swords, knives, weapons and rubber replica fire arms strictly for film and television production rentals, please inquire for further information.


We have many working props for film and television.
Director chairs, prop carts, dolly’s, and more.